Monday, January 28, 2008

Peter Van Geit

Welcome to the personal blog of Peter Van Geit, a Belgian who settled down in India since 1998.

I was born in Lokeren, a small town in Belgium on 19 Januari 1972. I did my Master of Computer Science in the University of Ghent after which I started as a software engineer in Barco, Kortrijk. In April 1998 Barco sent to Chennai, India to technically guide a team of young Indian software engineers.

My first year in India I bought a Royal Enfield Bullet Citibike 500cc and discovered most of South India on bike covering 40.000km in the first 2 years. I used to drive from sunrise to sunset for several weeks from town to town discovering new places and wonderful nature around each corner.

On this blog I collected some photos taken during my trips.

Note - this blog has not been updated for many years. Recent updates are on Facebook

Recent treks and photos are published on the Chennai Trekking Club site, my trekking blog.